Tips to enjoy nightlife in London

London nightlife is lively and offers different kinds of activities for everyone. There are plenty of choices depending on the type of evening entertainment you want to experience. It can range from theatres, movies, food and to bars like Velvet PR.

If you choose to spend the night with your family a good theatrical entertainment would be a good choice. Theatrical entertainment ranges from drama, love, musical, and comedy that have renowned world class performers.

Though, if you're with friends who loves to go in pubs then London pubs is the right place wherein it is everywhere and present an atmosphere of old school. They serve good food and drinks at the same time enjoying live bands that you can sing along with your friends. Though, the major drawback is that most pubs stops serving drinks at round 11pm and usually your forced to take the train before 12am since the train station stops operating at around midnight. But, clubs are open and so if you want to continue the night with your friends you can still do so. Almost all area of London has countless kinds of clubs available that are available depending on your taste from fifties cabaret clubs to chic rave clubs that are for party goers who loves to dance.

Often you will notice that most of the clubs are based on warehouses and beneath railway arches this goes back to their history from illicit beginnings. In terms of space it can accommodate large numbers of people. In order for you to get inside one of these clubs is either have a friend or through handing tips to the bouncer.

There are certain general parts in London to spend a good nightlife like the west central being (most well-known spot), areas of theatreland and Soho, Mayfair and Notting Hill. Heres a quick guide where to go for popular clubs in London. If your based in North London you might want to go to Camden whereas in the south is on Brixton which are perfect places for a bigger club scene. Those based in north east you may want to consider to visit places like Shoreditch that offers wine bars and minimalistic atmosphere.

Nightlife in London here may offer a variety of options for you to enjoy with friends and family where you can dance, chill, relax, and have a good time. This article is intended for tourist that wants to appreciate nightlife in London.